Тази конференция е част от научните събития на „Дни на науката“ на ТУ-София
This conference is part of the scientific events of the „Days of Science“ at TU-Sofia

  1. Piloting of specific common tools in support of digital and online learning. – EUt+ section;
  2. Humanities and Arts in Business;
  3. Social, economic and legal sciences in business;
  4. Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics;
  5. Technical sciences and competitive business;
  6. Cybernetics and robotics;
  7. Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity;
  8. Radio Communications, Microwaves, Antennas;
  9. Telecommunication Systems and Technology;
  10. Signal Processing;
  11. Air and land transport;
  12. Agricultural business;
  13. Contemporary trends in healthcare and sports;
  14. Media, communications and competitive business; 
  15. Infrastructure and competitive business.