Тази конференция е част от научните събития на „Дни на науката“ на ТУ-София
This conference is part of the scientific events of the „Days of Science“ at TU-Sofia

  1. Full text length of the scientific reports- 6 to 8 pages, including figures and charts
  2. The papers must be sent in digital form to our email: eicb.one@tu-sofia.bg
  3. All scientific reports must be submitted in time and corresponding to the thematic and layout instructions.
  4. The regulation for presenting and discussion is 15 minutes. The papers are presented on -site.
  5. Languages: English, Bulgarian
  6. A conference proceedings book in electronic format is provided for each submitted paper;
  7. The authors must provide personal information (name, surname, work email) for the repertory of the conference.
  8. Papers from young and acclaimed scientists are accepted only in co-authorship with the school student (s) or BSc/MSc/PhD student (s).